Area with code: 867

This page gives summary information about the phone area code 867

GEO informations

This area code includes 0 counties and 89 cities.

List of counties

List of cities

Trout Lake,  Kimberley,  Marshall,  Enterprise,  Kuujjuaq,  Deschaillons,  Baker Lake,  Cape Broyle,  Yellowknife,  Igloolik,  Iqaluit,  Arctic Bay,  Arviat,  Trout Lake,  Baker Lake,  Cambridge Bay,  Cape Broyle,  Chesterfield Inlet,  Clyde River,  Coral Harbour,  Fort Providence,  Gjoa Haven,  Grise Fiord,  Hall Beach,  Kimberley,  Kuujjuaq,  Pangnirtung,  Pond Inlet,  Qikiqtani,  Rankin Inlet,  Naujaat,  Resolute,  Sanikiluaq,  Tangier,  Whale Cove,  Behchoko,  Whitehorse,  Haines Junction,  Old Crow,  Tuktoyaktuk,  Beaver Creek,  Nahannibte,  Gameti,  Lunenburg,  Tusket,  Aklavik,  Fort Resolution,  Fort Mcpherson,  Mayo,  Teslin,  Carmacks,  Holman,  Tagish,  Nanisivik,  Tsiigehtch,  Jean Marie River,  Kakisa Lake,  Whati,  Wrigley,  Watson Lake,  Pelly Crossing,  Wha Ti,  Paulatuk,  Norman Wells,  Deline,  Inuvik,  Fort Smith,  Marshall,  Sachs Harbour,  Fort Simpson,  Colville Lake,  Wekweti,  Dawson,  Carcross,  Faro,  Ross River,  Fort Liard,  Ulukhaktok,  Deschaillons,  Swift River,  Hay River,  Koala,  Enterprise,  Dawson City,  Elsa,  Rae Lakes,  Tusket,  Lunenburg,  Tangier, 

Area code Subpage
867-200-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Ssi Micro Ltd. Wireless
867-201-XXXX Igloolik (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Wireless
867-202-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Wireless
867-203-XXXX Arctic Bay (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-205-XXXX Arviat (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-206-XXXX Trout Lake (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-207-XXXX Baker Lake (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-208-XXXX Cambridge Bay (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-209-XXXX Cape Broyle (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-210-XXXX Chesterfield Inlet (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-212-XXXX Clyde River (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-213-XXXX Coral Harbour (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-214-XXXX Fort Providence (Northwest Territories) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-215-XXXX Gjoa Haven (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-216-XXXX Grise Fiord (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-217-XXXX Hall Beach (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-218-XXXX Kimberley (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-219-XXXX Kuujjuaq (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-220-XXXX Kuujjuaq (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-221-XXXX Pangnirtung (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-222-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-223-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-224-XXXX Pond Inlet (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-225-XXXX Qikiqtani (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-226-XXXX Rankin Inlet (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-227-XXXX Naujaat (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-228-XXXX Resolute (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-229-XXXX Sanikiluaq (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-230-XXXX Tangier (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-231-XXXX Whale Cove (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-252-XXXX Resolute (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-266-XXXX Sanikiluaq (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-292-XXXX Behchoko (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-322-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-323-XXXX Haines Junction (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-324-XXXX Igloolik (Nunavut) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-325-XXXX Old Crow (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-332-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-333-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Bell Mobility Landline
867-334-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-335-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Bell Mobility Landline
867-336-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-337-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-340-XXXX Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-341-XXXX Arviat (Nunavut) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-360-XXXX Gjoa Haven (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-362-XXXX Beaver Creek (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-364-XXXX Nahannibte (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-365-XXXX Gameti (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-370-XXXX Lunenburg (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-371-XXXX Behchoko (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-373-XXXX Fort Providence (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-374-XXXX Tusket (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-375-XXXX Aklavik (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-376-XXXX Fort Resolution (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-377-XXXX Fort Mcpherson (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-383-XXXX Mayo (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-384-XXXX Teslin (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-385-XXXX Carmacks (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-390-XXXX Teslin (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-391-XXXX Cambridge Bay (Nunavut) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-392-XXXX Behchoko (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-393-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-394-XXXX Fort Resolution (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-396-XXXX Holman (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-399-XXXX Tagish (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-436-XXXX Nanisivik (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-439-XXXX Arctic Bay (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-444-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Landline
867-445-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-446-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Landline
867-447-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-455-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-456-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-457-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-458-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Ice Wireless Inc. Landline
867-462-XXXX Naujaat (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-465-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-466-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-467-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-469-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-470-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-471-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-473-XXXX Pangnirtung (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-490-XXXX Tsiigehtch (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-491-XXXX Jean Marie River (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-492-XXXX Behchoko (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-493-XXXX Kakisa Lake (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-494-XXXX Whati (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-495-XXXX Wrigley (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-496-XXXX Fort Mcpherson (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-536-XXXX Watson Lake (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-537-XXXX Pelly Crossing (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-561-XXXX Tangier (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-573-XXXX Wha Ti (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-580-XXXX Paulatuk (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-581-XXXX Wrigley (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-587-XXXX Norman Wells (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-588-XXXX Tusket (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-589-XXXX Deline (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-598-XXXX Fort Mcpherson (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-602-XXXX Nahannibte (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-620-XXXX Inuvik (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-621-XXXX Fort Smith (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-632-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-633-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-634-XXXX Haines Junction (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-645-XXXX Rankin Inlet (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-660-XXXX Marshall (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-667-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-668-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-669-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-670-XXXX Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-675-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-676-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-677-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-678-XXXX Inuvik (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-679-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-680-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-681-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-682-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-688-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Telus Mobility Wireless
867-689-XXXX Whitehorse (Yukon) Telus Mobility Wireless
867-690-XXXX Sachs Harbour (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-695-XXXX Fort Simpson (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-699-XXXX Fort Providence (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-709-XXXX Colville Lake (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-713-XXXX Wekweti (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-722-XXXX Colville Lake (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-730-XXXX Dawson (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-731-XXXX Behchoko (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-733-XXXX Carcross (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-744-XXXX Deline (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-745-XXXX Wekweti (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-746-XXXX Faro (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-747-XXXX Ross River (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-748-XXXX Tagish (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-749-XXXX Watson Lake (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-765-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-766-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-767-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-768-XXXX Inuvik (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-769-XXXX Kuujjuaq (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-770-XXXX Fort Liard (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-777-XXXX Inuvik (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-783-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-785-XXXX Lunenburg (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-786-XXXX Sachs Harbour (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-787-XXXX Ulukhaktok (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-788-XXXX Paulatuk (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-789-XXXX Deschaillons (Yukon) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-793-XXXX Baker Lake (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-794-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-795-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Ice Wireless Inc. Landline
867-809-XXXX Jean Marie River (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-821-XXXX Carcross (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-825-XXXX Kakisa Lake (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-841-XXXX Deschaillons (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-851-XXXX Swift River (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-857-XXXX Arviat (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-862-XXXX Beaver Creek (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-863-XXXX Carmacks (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-870-XXXX Fort Smith (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-872-XXXX Fort Smith (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-873-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-874-XXXX Hay River (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-875-XXXX Hay River (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-876-XXXX Hay River (Northwest Territories) Bell Mobility Wireless
867-877-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-880-XXXX Koala (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-888-XXXX Inuvik (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-896-XXXX Whale Cove (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-897-XXXX Cape Broyle (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-898-XXXX Chesterfield Inlet (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-899-XXXX Pond Inlet (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-907-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Ssi Micro Ltd. Landline
867-920-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-924-XXXX Clyde River (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-925-XXXX Coral Harbour (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-927-XXXX Qikiqtani (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-928-XXXX Hall Beach (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-934-XXXX Igloolik (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-939-XXXX Kimberley (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-952-XXXX Fort Mcpherson (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-953-XXXX Tsiigehtch (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-966-XXXX Old Crow (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-969-XXXX Ross River (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-974-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-975-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-977-XXXX Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-978-XXXX Aklavik (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-979-XXXX Iqaluit (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-980-XXXX Grise Fiord (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-982-XXXX Kuujjuaq (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-983-XXXX Cambridge Bay (Nunavut) Northwestel Landline
867-984-XXXX Enterprise (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-988-XXXX Yellowknife (Northwest Territories) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-991-XXXX Dawson City (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-992-XXXX Dawson City (Yukon) Iristel Inc. Landline
867-993-XXXX Dawson City (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-994-XXXX Faro (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-995-XXXX Elsa (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-996-XXXX Mayo (Yukon) Northwestel Landline
867-997-XXXX Rae Lakes (Northwest Territories) Northwestel Landline
867-999-XXXX () Northwestel